About Amanda Hoskins

Amanda Hoskins, a seasoned real estate professional, is a true product of Metro Atlanta, where she was born and raised. Renowned for her high-touch approach, Amanda is characterized by her vast understanding of the real estate landscape and her unwavering dedication to her clients. Leveraging her comprehensive market expertise, Amanda ensures optimal outcomes for both buyers and sellers, securing the most favorable deals for their properties. Her exceptional talent for establishing genuine connections with clients empowers her to craft customized strategies tailored to their unique needs. Amanda's primary commitment lies in equipping her clients with the insights needed to make well-informed decisions during the pivotal process of making offers.

Amanda's achievements are largely fueled by referrals from her satisfied past clients. As a seasoned industry expert, she deeply values the trust her clients invest in her abilities and consistently endeavors to surpass their expectations. Holding the position of a top producer for over four years, Amanda has continuously demonstrated her prowess in the field.

Although her passion for real estate was innate, Amanda's journey into the industry was delayed due to her obligations as a student-athlete. When the opportune moment presented itself, she seized it without hesitation. Having pursued her studies and excelled as a soccer player at Georgia Gwinnett College, she emerged with a bachelor's degree and four years of sports experience.

Setting herself apart from her peers are Amanda's analytical acumen, altruistic nature, and comprehensive understanding of the city's dynamics. Placing her clients at the forefront, Amanda is committed to comprehending their real estate aspirations by attentively listening to their requirements.